Little Miss Bailey is nothing short of an extraordinary girl! Once a bedraggled, matted, petrified mop of fur, this adorably sweet tempered Wheaten Terrier mix was adopted by doting parents, Michele and Joel Lonky, from Florida Little Dog Rescue.

Soaking up as much life as she possibly can, Bailey is always thrilled to accompany Mom or Dad to work and delights in being around people no matter what the occasion. Toss her a pair of Mutt Muffs and she’s ready to rock out at a Rob Zombie concert or any other kind of musical extravaganza while Joel is busy working as a sound engineer.

“She is simply the best dog ever,” says Michele without hesitation. “My husband and I are so grateful for her sharing our lives.”

Loving, joyful and in command of one of the waggiest tails you’ll ever see, Bailey is one happy-go-lucky puppy, proving that if you give pups a second chance they will give you their all.

Congratulations Bailey! August 2010’s Pet of the Month!

Punkin, Pumpers, Bailey BooLittle, Booble, B-Dawg
Almost 2 whole years!
It’s gotta be the ball!
Squirrel…no hedgehog…no squirrel! Oh, I can’t choose! Squirrel, hedgehog, flea toy or balls…you pick! Any of those and I’m happy!

Bully Sticks! Sooooo goood!
Not to brag, but I’m kind of a pro at swimming! Barkley Square Dog Park is my most favourite place to paddle!
One day I found an open pack of hotdogs on the kitchen counter at Grandma’s house, just lying there! So I gobbled down as many as I could before getting caught red-pawed!
(I can’t believe this happened…) I was running full speed to jump onto the bed, but misjudged the distance a tad (only a tad!) and had to cling to the side of the bed with just my front legs until Mom came to the rescue. *blush blush*
Amazing by Aerosmith. “Out on the street, just tryin’ to survive…scratchin’ to stay alive… It’s amazing and I’m sayin’ a prayer for the desperate hearts tonight…”

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