It may seem silly, but dogs do in fact need boots in the winter. Especially urban dogs who have to trudge through mounds of salt scattered along icy sidewalks every morning. The combination of freezing temperatures, harsh salt and hard concrete can be damaging to a dog’s paws, often drying out the pads and causing pain. But PAWZ Dog Boots are designed for the safety and protection of furry feet, and go above and beyond the call of duty. The best part is, they stay on even the fussiest of pups!

Resembling little balloons, these elasticated boots latch on to the foot in question so that they remain in place for the duration of any walk or run, but then slide off easily when pulled from the toe. In a word, brilliant! Plus, the lightweight design means that most dogs don’t even notice they’re sporting some flashy footwear.

But the benefits don’t end there! These rubbber boots are ideal for rainy seasons and extreme heat in the summer (concrete can get a little hot underfoot). Oh, and they are also a great idea for use in the pool, because they prevent sharp claws from tearing up the liner.

Biodegradable, reusable and inexpensive are three other things that make these booties a sensational choice! Available in teeny-tiny to super-duper sizes!