Photos by Laura L. Benn
This morning we have a short anecdote from Laura, the founder and editor of PAWSH. Seems like Rory got into a little mischief recently….


Once upon a time there was a little dog called Rory, who loved going to the park. One day while chasing her people around and around this park, dear sweet Rory ran over to the side of a small river for a drink of water. Then without warning she disappeared from view. Terrified that she had fallen right in, Rory’s people bolted over to the river frantically calling Rory’s name. When they neared the riverbank however they discovered…. one small white puppy rolling around like a maniac in deep luscious mud. The result? The above photograph and Rory looking as pleased as punch with herself.

Yes this was how we spent our Saturday afternoon; playing mud pies and then catch-me-if-you-can around the mud pies. Needless to say Rory was given a long warm bath, which resulted in….the abominable snow monster…on spring vacation! A puppy’s fluffiness post bath and brush is truly amazing! What did you and your pups get up to last weekend?