Breathe in! ……Breathe out! Mmmmm. Do you taste that? That delicious fall flavour that has now officially arrived and swirls around us without shyness or restraint. Oh yes, fall is here and we could not be happier about it! Unfortunately, not everything is good news this morning. Due to technical difficulties (ah, computers, right?) our fall issue will be delayed by one week.

So instead this morning we’re bringing you some fabulous pink items that are perfect for the colourful season! These beauties are some of the things that we found during our quest for stylish fall apparel and we are loving each and every one of them. 

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding. We do apologize, but will work like our doggy counterparts to get everything back on track and perfect for your eyes this time next week. Here’s where you can get the lovely above look.

1. Tomorrow Planners — to keep you and your busy pet on schedule.  2. Coach Leather Leash  3. Girlie Skull Rain Coat — to keep pup dry and cosy.  4. Zoom Eyeworks Glasses  5. In Your Atmosphere Tunic   6. Scotty Dog Fusion Tumbler