Putting your dog in a rain coat isn’t for everyone. However I believe that as long as the piece is functional there is no reason for it not to also be cute. Keeping your pup dry amidst a rain storm not only makes their walk a little more enjoyable — especially if your pup hates rain as much as Rory does — but it saves you the hassle of towel drying when they return indoors with a mad case of the ‘water wiggles’ (aka when a canine gets hyper because they are wet).

These beautiful designs from Tree Parlour offer classic tailoring with a generous splash of personality. Bright prints, bold graphics and stylish colours make these charming coats a must have for the season! And don’t forget about the super comfortable and cozy winter jackets too for when old Jack Frost comes a-calling. PS: Isn’t the greyhound in these photos just darling?