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Most dogs tend to dig, paw and snuffle at where they choose to sleep before actually settling down to snooze. It’s an instinct called ‘nesting’ and while it may be adorable to watch, sometimes you just don’t want pup clawing enthusiastically at your hand-knit afghan or 300-thread-count bed spread.

The solution? A bed designed specifically for digging like the INU YOCHI Dog Pod by Japanese designer Liron Tzanhan. The ruffled blanket is thick and durable — in other words, ideal for encouraging your pup’s natural instinct to mess things up before actually slipping into slumber.

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4 Responses to INU YOCHI DOG POD

  1. Heather Romary
    - 12/26/2012 Reply

    Where can you buy this?

  2. Margie
    - 04/25/2013 Reply

    Can you purchase this dog bed yet? If so, where? Thank you.

    • Laura Benn
      - 04/25/2013 Reply

      Hi Margie,
      It is still in prototype development I’m afraid. Pawsh is keeping an eye on it though and will definitely publish an update if/when it becomes available. thanks so much for your interest! ~Laura

  3. TheLittlestPetShop
    - 05/18/2014 Reply

    We’ve been making our Diggin Dog Boxes for three years and US Patent is currently pending. Check them out in our Etsy shop!

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