arizona-pet-photographer-Pawsh-magazine-cooper-1For our first Pawsh Spotlight feature (a feature where we show off some of the best pet photographers, ever!) it is our pleasure to introduce Kira DeDecker Photography and her heart-melting session with Cooper.
arizona-pet-photographer-Pawsh-magazine-cooper-2 arizona-pet-photographer-pawsh-magazine-cooper-3Cooper is a two-year-old Old English Sheepdog, who kicked off his time in the limelight by handsomely trampling and frolicking about in some flower beds. Why is it that white haired dogs always love the dirt the most? After trying out his ‘green paw’ this dashing guy spent the rest of his session being a goofball! Although he translates very majestically to camera.
arizona-pet-photographer-Pawsh-magazine-cooper-4 arizona-pet-photographer-Pawsh-Magazine-cooper-5 arizona-pet-photographer-Pawsh-Magazine-cooper-6 arizona-pet-photographer-Pawsh-Magazine-cooper-7Kira DeDecker’s philosophy toward photography is “For the Love of Dog.” Based in Arizona, Kira brings an undeniably modern and picturesque flair to her work, so that even if your dog does eat dirt during his session (like Cooper!) he will be captured in a fun and loving manner.arizona-pet-photographer-pawsh-magazine-cooper-8 arizona-pet-photographer-pawsh-magazine-cooper-9Thank you Kira and Cooper for your wonderful submission! To discover more of Kira’s work, be sure to follow her on FACEBOOK | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM.

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Dog-behaviour-dog-products-on-the-go-2The other day I was transferring my purse contents from an old bag to a newer model and I realized that as a pet parent there are certain must-have items that every purse should carry.

For starters, you want to be prepared for any pet situation. This means you more than likely want to have on hand some dog biscuits, a travel water bowl, a spare collar (or at least, I do!) But you also want to have some items for your own benefit, such as lip balm, sunglasses and tissues!
Dog-behaviour-dog-products-on-the-go-1So it got me thinking — what’s in your purse or bag? Here’s what emerged from my purse exploration!
– dog biscuits
– poo bags
– sunglasses
– a Nylabone (in case I am delayed somewhere and my pup needs some entertainment)
– lip balm
– a spare collar
– a small towel (for drying mucky paws)
– my iPod
– my phone
– candies (usually toffee)
– tissues
– a notebook
– a dog brush (for spontaneous grooming in the park)

I would love to know what’s in your purse or bag? Am I the only pet parent who carries all of these extra dog items? Is there an essential item that I’m missing in my daily outing arsenal?

(Illustrations by Deidre Wicks of Water In My Paint. Be sure to check out her links below for your very own custom watercolour pet portrait!)


Water In My Paint Custom Pet PortraitsWithout question our pets are an essential part of our lives. They help us heal from heartbreak, comfort us when we’re sad, make us laugh uproariously and help us burn off that extra chocolate chip cookie. Why not immortalize your beloved pet in watercolour with a custom painted portrait? You can request accessories that illustrate your animal’s personality or choose a more traditional portrait. And they make the perfect gift!





Waggo-dog-bowl-review-Pawsh-Magazine-5AThe recent addition of Lucy to my family has brought about a few additional changes too, including a brand new Waggo Specktacular Polka Dot Dog Bowl (don’t you adore the pun?!) Here’s how this dotty dog dinner dish measures up!

The Waggo Dog Bowl is FDA approved and dishwasher safe, which many of you know is extremely important to me! Its bold design really ‘pops’ in the kitchen and adds a playful element to the home. Waggo-dog-bowl-review-Pawsh-Magazine-3 Waggo-dog-bowl-review-Pawsh-Magazine-4AAlthough this review shows off the kibble capacity of this lovely dish (4 cups for the medium size), I actually use mine for the pups’ water. The water bowl I originally had for just Rory was drying up too quickly with two little fur monsters guzzling gallons of H20 after every playtime.

Fortunately the Specktacular Polka Dot Dog Bowl quenches my desire for style and the dogs’ thirst at the same time! The 100% ceramic bowl is heavy weighted as well, which means Rory and Lucy can’t knock it over — a habit Lucy developed with our old dog dish.

While I am personally obsessed with anything and everything polka dotted, Waggo’s delicious dog bowl designs offer a great deal of diversity. There is something for everyone and for practically every decor style! Take a peek!

Which design would best suit your dog’s personality? Whether you’re searching for whimsy or a distinguished splash of colour, these gorgeous ceramic creations offer fun and function, especially when displayed in pairs.
1. Seeing Stars Ceramic Dog Bowl
2. Stripey Soiree Ceramic Dog Bowl
3. Specktacular Polka Dot Dog Bowl
4. Splatter Dog Bowl
5. Table Time Glazed Ceramic Bowl
Whatever you choose, the final product will be delightfully drool-worthy and the dogs will love them!Waggo-dog-bowl-review-Pawsh-Magazine-14 Waggo-dog-bowl-review-Pawsh-Magazine-6Hop on over to Waggo’s website and take a look around. I am sure you will find something that will make you smile and add a healthy helping of style to your dog’s everyday life!

{Photography by Pawsh Studio}




Toronto-dog-photographer-Pawsh-dog-quotes-2Toronto-dog-photographer-Pawsh-dog-quotes-1Toronto-dog-photographer-Pawsh-dog-quotes-3A few dog-inspired words of wisdom for you before we take off for the long weekend (for our non-Canadian readers, it is Canada Day weekend!) Each dog featured in these dog quotes are available for adoption through Toronto Animal Services and are patiently waiting for their forever homes. Have a wonderful weekend celebrating everyone! We’ll be back on Wednesday with some fresh, new features! xo

{Photography by Posh Pets Photography}



I am playing catch up with my pet photography sessions. Can you believe I haven’t really shared any since January? Craziness!

To begin with, I would like to share this beautiful boxer shoot. It was booked through Pawsh Studio’s Soulmate Session special in February (spoiler alert: this event will be hosted again in February 2015 and yes, you can book now if you’d like) and was created as a simple, timeless session to celebrate a very special friendship between man and dog.

This beautiful boxer — a senior girl called Zoey with a heart of gold — was an absolute joy to work with. She was a little nervous at first, but after some tasty treats, belly rubs and lots of ear scratches she soon warmed up and had a blast trotting on and off set for her close ups. She was a pro!

Toronto-pet-photography-Soulmate-session-3It is always fascinating to photographer people with their dog, because you start to see similar mannerisms and behaviours unfold through the camera. The shot of these two best buddies looking at one another absolutely melts my heart — the mutual adoration is obvious!

I had the great pleasure of creating a custom 16×20 fine art canvas for the pair — a piece that shows off the manner faces and expressions of Zoey to be enjoyed forever. I especially liked the cool colour palette, as it lends itself wonderfully to wide variety of decors. You can see it below (of course, the studio’s logo was NOT on the final product).
Toronto-pet-photographer-Pawsh-Studio-Canvas-DesignI feel so lucky to have met this beautiful lady and her wonderful owner. Tragically, a mere two weeks after our session, Zoey’s parents called me to say that their beautiful girl had passed due to sudden illness.

The news was a tremendous shock and, as you can imagine, heartbreaking. I got chills thinking about the fact that I was lucky enough to be able to capture some of Zoey’s final healthy and happy moments for her family to look back on. It was a sad reminder that our pets are only with us for a relatively short time and that documenting their gorgeous souls is truly priceless and something that shouldn’t be put off.

Photographing true love is always a tremendous delight and I look forward to inviting more pet parents and their furry friends into the studio this season!

Don’t forget, if you’d like to sign up early for Pawsh Studio’s 2015 Soulmate Sessions taking place in February, or if you’d like to book a regular pet session, please email to reserve your spot!

My assistant and I have worked with all sorts of pet personalities from super shy to very hyper and we always make sure each session is a wonderful, relaxed and joyful experience. Don’t believe it? Find out what past clients are saying here!