Puppies and kittens: scientifically proven to be the cutest bundles of energy in the world! But while they’re running all over the house, bouncing on the furniture, and climbing up your leg, you might wonder where exactly they get all that energy. Well, the answer is simple — food!

Providing a lifetime’s worth of wholesome nutritional choices for your pets, however, is no longer as easy as it sounds. In light of the recent (and very extensive) pet food recalls, many concerned owners are making the switch to all-natural foods for their fuzzy friends. Puppies and kittens are often special cases, requiring far more protein and nutrients than their aged counterparts, so choosing the right kibble for your young pet can be a bit tricky at the best of times, let alone when changing to an all-natural brand. Luckily, there are natural food options in the world designed with your young pet’s growth specifically in mind.
Petcurean Pet Nutrition, based in British Colombia, is an environmentally conscious pet food company that strives to deliver unprocessed natural ingredients, while supporting local farmers and the environment. Both of Petcurean’s product lines, Go! and Now!, are all-natural and completely grain free – perfect for any pet that suffers from grain allergies. Petcurean provides a wide range of different foods for both grown cats and dogs, as well as for puppies and kittens, using hormone-free meats and absolutely zero rendered oils. Petcurean operates with the guiding philosophy of ‘minimizing processing [and] maximizing nutrition.’
Orijen, an Alberta-based company, prides itself on only purchasing its ingredients from the immediate surrounding farmlands. Distributing to Canada and the States, Orijen’s motto is that your cat or dog, despite its domestication, is still biologically built as the hunter it was a thousand years ago. As such, Orijen produces a dry food that mimics the nutritional content your pet would find if it were out in the wild. Such ingredients include free-range chicken, turkey, and duck, as well as eggs and wild fish from nearby lakes. It has no plant oils, no grains, and no other overly processed ingredients that have been pressed through a machine, ensuring your pet receives only the best.
By Tyler Pollard
Holistic Blend, a smaller company based out of Ontario, makes a name for itself by having its pet food meet and exceed not only pet-food standards, but human standards as well! Drawing their ingredients from Canada, the States, and New Zealand, Holistic Blend ensures that there are neither animal by-products, harmful heavy metals, nor any form of pesticides in the dog or cat food it produces. Their dedication to ensuring the quality of the ingredients means that your pet gets only the finest kibble possible (and perhaps you discover your new favourite snack food too?)
Natural K9 Supplies, and on-line distributor in Florida, offers a wide selection of both dry and canned foods for dogs of all sizes. Natural K9 follows all of the high standards associated with all-natural pet foods, while boasting an impressive line-up of products. Along with standard wet and dry foods, there are also freeze-dried, baked, and dehydrated options offered; not even mentioning the grab-bag of assorted doggie treats. If variety is the spice of life, Natural K9 is one hot tamale!
Canidae and Felidae food lines offer a range of different organic foods for both dogs and cats. From simple all-stage-of-life dry foods to premium diet and senior pet foods, Canidae and Felidae offer everything your pet could need from their offices in California. Along with their food products,they also produce nutritious gourmet pet treats so that you can spoil your canine or feline with some holistic goodies.
A puppy or kitten can bring fluffy joy to anyone. Their scampering (and now well-fed) antics bring smiles to everyone in the immediate vicinity as they grow and explore the world around them. Now that your young friend is properly nourished with wholesome bits of kibble, you can spend some real worry-free quality time with them — that is assuming you can catch the little balls of energy!
By Alexander Bentley