Three words instantly come to mind when describing this lovely little lady, cute, cute and cute! Nine months old and living in the charming town of Sarnia, ON, this inquisitive Shi-Tzu/Lhasa Apso mix has no problem batting her lashes, whipping out her best ‘puppy dog eyes’ expression and posing for the camera.
Described by her proud parents, Mike and Beth Compton, as a bundle of comic relief, Zoey is known for her loving personality and eagerness to please. “She doesn’t have a mean bone in her body,” says Beth. “She is just a sweetheart through and through.”

Full of life and affection, Zoey leaves little paw-prints of joy on the world. Whether she has to be on her best behaviour for photos with Santa or is romping around with her sister, Izzy, this is one little fluff-ball who captures hearts wherever she goes.
Congratulations Miss Zoey for being selected June 2010’s Pet of the Month!
The Zohan, Zozo Beans, Zozey, Chomps, ZoMyster and Zoeykins
I go nuts over my bone (really nuts!)
I can’t choose between my flamingo and beaver (pink and Canadian, what’s not to love?)
Whenever I get a treat, I love to hide it away in a blanket or stuff it in the couch and then hunt for it later! What fun!
Okay, so this one time I was at my grandparents house visiting and …well…nature called. So I went out through the patio doors, then saw my friend Smudge inside ready to play! I got so excited that I ran straight head first into the glass door (*blush*). I had to sit down, shake my head, then try to figure out why everyone was laughing so much.
Baths and going to the grooming salon. No time for makeovers, I’ve got too much running around to do!
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