If this little man were a person, he would surely be a heart-breaker! Tall, dark and handsome, Junior, a 7-month-old Doberman/Kind Shepherd mix, is a bundle of unstoppable energy and the life of any party!
Delighted parents, Leah and Matt, couldn’t be happier with this charming young fellow. “We found him through an ad on Kijiji,” says Leah. “He was the first puppy we went to go see and the last!”
A sweet lovable disposition and a nose for mischief makes Junior one of the funnest pups you’ll ever meet! Whether he’s tearing around like a maniac or putting in some much needed snuggle time on the couch, he’s the type of guy who likes to be always doing something.
Most content when out and about, either running, being a roller-blading buddy, playing at the park or chowing down on some toys, Junior is up for anything and always ready for action! The ideal summer canine companion!

Congratulations Junior! July 2010’s Pet of the Month!
Ju Ju, Jooj, James Ready, J-rock, June Bug
Marrow Bones (Nomz! Nomz! Delish!)
Stuffingless Skunk — I’m not allowed to have regular stuffed toys anymore. It’s too much fun to pull out all the stuffing and spread it all over the house, but this skunk thing is pretty cool!
Tug-of-War (C’mon, I challenge you to a war! Any time! Any place!)
Learning how to swim (I’m a big guy, okay? I’ve got a lot of legs that flail around in water…and water is weird.)
Ripping apart Mum and Dad’s decorative pillows (What? It’s not my fault they looked so tasty!)
BEST TRICK: Hands down, high fives!
CATCH PHRASE: “I didn’t do it…I swearz!!!”
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