At first sight, Mr. Charlie Marley, a two-year-old Maltese Poodle mix, looks more like a stuffed animal than a real pooch. But when his little tail starts to wag a mile a minute and he bounces all over the place to greet you, there can be no mistaking his liveliness! A true angel, Mr. Charlie Marley is as good as gold, having only one instance of chewing one shoe when he was three-months-old (just a baby!) His greatest past times in life include playing fetch, snuggling like there is no tomorrow and playing with his 25 plush toys from sunrise to sundown.
However, Charlie knows the importance of balancing play with work, having modeled various dog harnesses and won many photo contests. His photograph was even published in the Palm Beach Post and he has aspirations of breaking into Broadway some day! A ball of love, this tiny 5lb fellow has a huge heart and is willing to share it with everyone he meets.
Congratulations Charlie Marley! October 2010’s Pet of the Month!


Babs E. Keller

Tag! Tag! Tag! Chase me or let me chase you, it doesn’t matter! It’s all fun to me!

My stuffed animals — all 25 of them, because it’s impossible to choose! I also really like balls and will play fetch forever! (Seriously, I challenge you to keep throwing!)

Dogswell ‘Happy Hips’ Chicken Breast Strips are delicious!

It’s more like a mischievous marathon, if I’m being honest. I like to try and throw my stuffed toys behind the couch, down the side of the couch or push them underneath the couch out of reach. Then I have no choice but to cry for Mom to come and help me get them out again! Don’t ask me why… I mean, can you explain your mischief?

When I was three-months-old, Mom tied bells on a string to the front door knob, then whenever nature called, I called Mom by ringing the bell to go out! Everyone was really impressed!

Easy! My birthday and Christmas will soon be here! Maybe I’ll get a new stuffed animal for my collection?

CATCH PHRASE: I’m just so lovable… and I love everyone!

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