Photo Courtesy of Hopeful Hearts Rescue
¬†Introducing Isis, a gorgeous eight-year-old white shepherd! This beautiful gentle giant has had a rough life. She was picked up as a stray with a very messy coat and extremely low weight, then delivered to a pound in hopes of being adopted. However, Isis, being the sensitive soul that she is, suffered from a deep depression while waiting for a new family. Eventually rescued by Hopeful Hearts when her so-called ‘time was up,’ Isis is now thriving in foster care.
Totally tennis ball obsessed (she will carry one around for hours at a time), Isis is very devoted to her foster family and demonstrates perfect training. She is very gentle and sweet and gets along well with anything that moves. However, due to her mature age, a quieter environment would be best for this girl, who deserves a loving home in which to spend her golden years. For more information, click here.