Brrr! It’s cold outside! Especially for the little short haired dogs, which can only mean one thing — they need a sweater to keep warm. But not just any sweater, something bright, stylish and full of beans, like these adorable handmade creations from Beantown.

This crocheted catch sports a large vintage button that fastens at the neckline, ensuring your little one cannot wriggle free. A thick wool and acrylic blend that is machine washable (bonus!) will keep them snug as a pup in a rug and is sure to turn heads when strutting their stuff down the street.

For the more dignified pooch, however, why not entertain the possibility of a Shakespeare Warmer? Custom made to fit your dog’s neck size, this charming little whats-it makes a superb addition to any sweater for those extra chilly days. Not only will it keep large ears protected from wind, but it also shields your pup’s face and nose from the elements. And the best part is the open weave patterns leaves plenty of room to hook the inevitable leash to collar; although your pup may be too excited about his new look to let you put the leash on him!