Nope, not the beverage! The fabulously styled collection of amazing dog projects from Yep Yup! This incredible line of designer pet products is our latest discovery and to be perfectly honest, we’re a little obsessed! We adore the Corona collection in particular for three reasons: 1) It incorporates a dark colour palate which is ideal for ‘hiding the dirt’ that your pet may track in. 2) It’s suitable for the typical family home or happening bachelor’s pad, and 3) It covers all of your pet’s needs!

To begin with, the hanging organizer — pure genius! It has a convenient place for all of your pets’ items, from leash, to brushes to toys and more! This nifty contraption is ideal for making the most out of small spaces, so all of you apartment dwellers look sharp! Then we have the bed and matching blanket — comfortable, stylish and durable. The collar and leash makes a fashionable statement by incorporating a pungent splash of red and is sure to turn heads during every walk.  The hand-painted and decaled bowls are made of stoneware, which is both microwave and dishwasher safe (every pet parent’s dream come true!) And last but not least, the storage jar coordinates perfectly for those tasty morsels that are handed out between meals.

What a charmingly pretty package for your pet! Well done Yep Yup! Well done!