There is a beautiful girl waiting to meet you this morning! Allow me to introduce the gorgeous Daisy Mae. She is an energetic girl with an extraordinary zest for life, who gets a second chance at a great life thanks to the wonderful folks at Hopeful Hearts! Keep reading to learn more…

STORY: Daisy came to us from a previous home where she had begun jumping on the children and nipping them. She’s a very excitable dog and although she would never hurt anyone out of aggression, a home with older children (teenagers) who can help teach her proper manners would be best.

FAVE SNACK: Daisy Mae loves to chew on Dentabones, raw hides and deer antlers. She loves to take you up on the offer of a snack if you’re going to be there with her. When left with a treat in her kennel, she tends to leave it until she’s let out, at which point the other dog in the house snaps it up!

FAVE GAME: Daisy Mae loves to play with other dogs. She loves to play “chase” accompanied with the  “faux-bite game” where she chases and gets chased by another dog and playfully wrestles and nips at their neck. None of this is aggression, just puppy play!

BIGGEST FEAR: Daisy seems to have a sixth sense when it comes to thunder storms. She gets nervous when a storm is near and wants to be near her person. She is also quite anxious when left alone.

FUNNIEST QUIRK: Daisy is quite the princess and prefers to sleep at the foot of her person’s bed. She likes to be tucked in under the covers and she gets cold quite often. Although she has long legs, she curls up in such a tiny ball and rarely moves that you don’t even notice she’s there!

CATCH PHRASE: ” I’m an attention hog!”

If you would like to learn more about Daisy Mae or any of the other Hopeful Hearts foster dogs, please email