Toronto dog photographerWell, it has been a busy few months for Pawsh Studio as we photographed the 2016 BTRC Charity Calendar by Pinups for BTRC. We had a baker’s dozen of dogs visit the studio and all sorts of fun vintage props, pearls and puppies to play with! Today we would like to share a little sneak peek outtakes of our shoot (without giving too much away about the final product!)
Toronto dog photographerWe went truffling for treats amidst a field of fancy pom-poms!Toronto dog photographerThe girls played dress up with bonnets, hats, veils and more!Toronto dog photographerWhile the guys strutted their stuff and showed off their most dapper expressions!Toronto dog photographerWe played peek-a-book with peonies and paper poufs!Toronto dog photographerWhile others preferred to sink into a good book between set changes.Toronto dog photographerWe paraded with pearls (oh the pearls that we had!)Toronto dog photographerAnd enjoyed oh-so many mouth-watering treats between takes!Toronto dog photographerWe jumped and leaped and twirled for joy!Toronto dog photographerAnd were all smiles while enjoying lots of snuggles and spoiling in the studio!toronto-pet-photographer-boston-terrier-2-pawsh-studioIn short this has been a wonderfully heart-warming project to photograph! We cannot wait to share more of this project and to present the final calendar later this year (fall to be exact)! So much more Boston goodness to come! This sneak peek really is just the tip of the iceberg!

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