A Wedding Wag

Photos by Mark Motichek

One of our lovely readers, Aimee, sent us some of her wedding photographs in which her two-year-old King Cavalier Charles Spaniel, Little Miss Lucy, was a part of the bridal party. The photos were so pretty and we’re in such a springy mood this week that we simply had to share them with you! Thank you Aimee!

February 2011 Pet of the Month!

Congratulations Buddy! A country fellow through and through, who enjoys the great outdoors and spending time with his doting folks, Nicki and Charlie, Buddy lives for adventure! The only thing that gets this pup down is rain, because it means he has to spend the day inside; although bouncing around on the family futon is also great fun! No doubt Buddy stares out of the window waiting for winter to end so that he can run around in the sweet smell of grass, making him the ideal pooch to be crowned Pet of the Month for February 2011! Keep reading to learn more about this month’s winner!

Pet Parents:
Nicki and Charlie

How Did Buddy Come Into Your Life?
My husband and I got Buddy from a country man in the backwoods of Mississippi (pretty much the middle of nowhere) a month after we started dating. It was love at first sight!

Funniest Personality Quirk:
It is hard to say what his funniest personality quirk is, because he has so many! He is is full of personality and hilarious! First of all, he is extremely energetic. He loves to run around and he is also very nosy. He always wants to know what is going on with all of our neighbours. We have a long hallway in our apartment, and he spends a good portion of the day running from the back door (where he looks out to see the staircase) down the hall to the sun-room, where he jumps on the futon we have so he can look out the windows into our apartment’s courtyard. My mom always says he goes ‘on patrol’ looking for trouble!

Favourite Game:
Tug-of-war and fetch – set on repeat. He will play all day!

Favourite Toy:
The stuffed green frog or his stuffed penguin.

Favourite February Thing:
Spending time in the park playing in the snow.

Favourite Treat:
Oh there are so many! Anything edible, haha. He once managed to steal half a meatloaf, which he enjoyed a lot!

How did Buddy get his name?
Quite by accident. My husband, Charlie, and I couldn’t agree on a name, and the name ‘Buddy’ just sort of happened. However, it really is the perfect name for him. He is so friendly and loving, the name definitely suits!

Buddy’s Theme Song:
“Love Fool” by The Cardigans, but with some changes to the lyrics: “Love me, love me, say that you love me. Feed me, feed me, go on and feed me.”
March is just around the corner, so be sure to send us your photographs for the next “Pet of the Month” contest! Oh, and any pets not selected from past months are automatically entered into the next! How fun! Email us at info@pawsh-magazine.com

Spring Time Giveaway

Photo by Beantown Handmade

It is here at last — the inevitable itch of spring. We can smell it faintly in the air, we can see it in the slowly awakening trees, but most importantly we can feel it in our bones. Spring, ah yes, it is on its way. However, the PAWSH team is feeling a bit impatient about having to entertain several more weeks of winter, so to hurry spring along we decided to host a little giveaway! Keep reading to find out more!

Generously donated by Beantown Handmade, we have one beautiful crocheted Doily Pet Collar Corsage up for grabs! These pretty little sleeves are very popular when the warmer weather arrives. Made from acrylic yarn, this cheerful accessory is a great way to soften a pet’s appearance and get them some much deserved extra attention when they are out and about! Plus the winner gets to choose their colour of preference — pink, green or cream!


To be eligible for this giveaway all you need to do is:

1.  Come up with a fun and creative caption for the above photograph of Lily sporting her corsage.
2.  Leave a comment below on this post OR on our Facebook Page that includes your caption, name and email address.

Comments will be closed Friday March 4th at midnight at which point one lucky winner will be chosen! So what are you waiting for? Put on your thinking caps and wow us with your brilliant captions! Ready — set — go!

An Award-Winning Weekend!

White Wool Tux from Bitch New York

Not so subtle whiffs of designer gowns, Hollywood stars and outrageous glamour linger in the air this time of year. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, the Oscars are almost here! But there is another prestigious award also up for grabs – the FIDOS.

Created by well respected journalist, Toby Rose, the FIDOS (For Incredible Dogs on Screen) are meant to recognize outstanding canine contributions to cinema. Rose also organizes the Palm Dog Award at the Cannes Film Festival, but while the Palm Dog is restricted to dogs who perform only in festival films, the FIDOS are open to anyone with a tail involved in the movies.

Pooches compete in five categories; RomCom Rover, Blockbuster Bowser, Mutt Moment, Comedy Canine and Historical Hound. Then there is the coveted Best in World award, given to the talented pup who shines in all five categories. Past nominees for these categories include, Will Smith’s German Shepherd Samantha in I Am Legend, the pair of Corgis in The Queen, Kim Catrell’s spunky Yorkshire Terrier in Sex and the City, and Dug the talking dog in Up!  Just like the actual Oscars, the FIDOS are a glamourous event complete with a star-studded cast of celebrity presenters and heart-felt acceptance speeches….well….acceptance licks.

But even if your pup isn’t a Hollywood celebrity just yet, there’s no reason why they cannot have a pampered weekend of luxury and leisure just like the real movie mutts! All they have to do is follow these easy steps!


Hair is everything when it comes to primping for a VIP event and what better way to get one’s fur just right than with the Deluxe FURminator Brush. Durable stainless steel, bright eye-catching colours and a clever brush blade that never gets full, this is definitely a brush to count on for big hair on your big night out.

Next, wardrobe darling. Something drop dead gorgeous for the girls, like this lovely Starry Night Dress or Pewter Satin Marilyn Monroe Gown from Bitch New York.

Watch the boys strut their stuff in either a Gold Satin Tuxedo or White Wool Tux, designed by Deni Alexander and available through Bitch New York.

What would any Oscar or FIDO outfit be, however without a bit of excess sparkle? So go ahead an splurge a little on a glittering Premium Rhinestone Gold Collar from My Pups Closet. Plus adorn the gold with sequined letters to spell your pup’s name!


Now reserving a limousine to tote your pooch around for the evening might be a bit over the top, so instead why not treat them to something a little more functional. We’re thinking about the Dog Carrier 40 by Louis Vuitton; classic, stylish and tough – just the qualities one needs when immersed in the limelight.

So there you have it! A fancy canine inspired award-winning weekend out. Of course, if dressing up to the nines isn’t really your style, we also encourage getting your ‘scruff on’ and staying in. Curling up on the couch with an enormous bowl of popcorn for some quality snuggle time is an equally great way to enjoy an Oscar flavoured weekend.

Pet Oxygen Masks Save Lives

Courtesy of NYDaily.com
This week, on Tuesday Februrary 22nd in Ottawa, Ontario a cat was saved from a fire on Russell Road thanks to the heroic efforts of firefighters and a specially designed pet oxygen mask. Until recently capital region firefighters were without this vital piece of pet-safety equipment due to budget constraints, but one woman’s determination spearheaded a change in first response vehicles.

Last year Andrea Cormack-Akeson, the owner of Dirty Dog Gourmet Bakery, began fund-raising with the goal of equipping fire trucks in the capital region with a complete pet oxygen mask kit. Although these masks were being used for some time in other Canadian cities like Toronto, the Ottawa fire department did not have the necessary funding to invest in the specifically tailored masks.
Just like people, dogs and cats also suffer from smoke inhalation and although human masks were often used in attempts to revive injured pets, the effect was unfortunately limited and often ineffectual.
A pet oxygen mask kit offers a better result, because it is created to fit the unique shape of an animal snout. A standard kit contains three mask sizes; small dog, large dog and cat. Each kit costs approximately $55 and Akeson purchased the first two kits herself to give to Ottawa firefighters on behalf of the pets who cannot speak for themselves.
To make a donation to this on-going campaign, please click here.