Welcome 2011

By Laura L. Benn
 As the first dawn of 2011 stirs, so too do thoughts of new year’s resolutions, goals and ambitions. We’ve decided to hit this new year running, sort of like these fellows, with wild enthusiasm and unstoppable determination!  We have a lot in store to make our second year even better than the first and continue to strive for excellence when it comes to reporting important and inspiring pet information. Our New Year’s wish and goal? To make this magazine the best it can be for you, our lovely readers, while also working to help even more pets who are in need of loving, happy homes. With your continued support and encouragement we can make this wish a reality! So with open arms we welcome the year 2011! Happy New Year one and all!

Simbah and Chiquita the Yorkies

Photo Courtesy of Hopeful Hearts Rescue
Simbah and Chiquita are a pair of lovable little Yorkshire Terrirers, who have been best friends their entire lives. Wherever one is, the other is never too far away and they both share a strange adoration for potatoes. Until recently, they had a happy life with their human parent, who sadly had to place them in foster care when she retired to a senior’s residence. Now this dynamic duo is looking for a new home.

Simbah is a 12-year-old affectionate busy-body who sticks his nose into everything to investigate. He is a miniature explorer, constantly on the go and learning about the world around him. He loves long walks and ignores cats; although he does have a lot of fun chasing birds.
Chiquita is 10-years-old and has a very quiet disposition. She loves other dogs her size, but is a bit nervous around larger personalities. She loves being held and will dance around on her hind legs in order to get attention and be scooped up into your arms.
A pair of lovely pooches, Simbah and Chiquita still have a lot of love to give and are eagerly awaiting their next home, which they hope to find together. To learn more, click here.

Cinder’s Surprise

The festive season is fast approaching and I figured I should pick something up for the family dog, Cinder. I stopped by my local Pet Value pet supply store and had a look around, where a salesperson brought my attention to the Orbee-Tuff Bone made by Planet Dog. With a hint of mint oozing from the non-toxic, recyclable bone, and a rating of ‘three out of five chompers’ for durability, I figured it would both hold up to an old dog who used to tear through chew toys and perhaps even freshen her breath a little.

The other neat thing about the Orbee-Tuff Bone is that the center along the length of the bone is hollowed out, creating the perfect hiding place for treats. So not only will this toy work out your pup’s jaw, but their mind as well while they figure out how to free the treats! The Orbee-Tuff also comes in blue, green or pink and ranges from an x-small size (3 1/2” long) to large (8” long). The large bone retails for about $16.99 plus taxes, so it won’t break the bank.
Once back home, my new Orbee-Tuff Bone in hand, I took a scientific approach to testing the bones breath freshening capabilities. I got down on all fours and took a controlled sniff of Cinder, who was delighted to lick my face in return. I also asked my Dad to do the same. The results?
Kevin’s Stink-o-Meter: “Oooh! That’s rank.”
Kevin’s Dad’s Stink-o-Meter: A good bout of laughter followed by, “That’ll teach you, son,” as he walked away.
Having satisfied my scientific urges, I gave Cinder her holiday gift. She gave the bone a few chews, and then sniffed it a little before leaving it on the kitchen floor, obviously not impressed that I had delivered Christmas early. The hollow centre, however, came in handy to renew her interest. I put in a couple kibble pieces and Cinder was back to investigating the bone in no time. She gave it a few more chews and turned it around on the floor for a while, before the kibbles fell out and she gobbled them up eagerly. Unfortunately this is where she lost interest yet again.
Over the next couple days, she would only take interest in the bone if I antagonized her with it, and as soon as playtime was over, she would happily ignore it once again. I have a feeling this is more a reflection of my dog’s character in her old age than the product itself.
The bone did put up with her chewing and our playtime and I definitely found the hollow center useful in getting her interested in the bone. I do, however, reserve my judgment on how it freshens a dog’s breath. Of course Cinder did not get much use out of the bone so perhaps my conclusions are a bit biased. I think it’s safe to say however, that the mint scent would do little more than add a minty overtone to the pungent undertone of a dog’s breath. But, for science sake, I took one more sniff just in case. The results?
Kevin’s Stink-o-Meter: “Oooh, yup, still rank.”
Kevin’s Dad’s Stink-o-Meter: “My son, the genius,” shaking his head as he walked away again.
By Kevin Mogk

Who Will Be the Pet of the Year?

Zoey (June)
 Who was your favourite Pet of the Month for the year 2010? Cast your vote by writing the pet’s name on our Facebook page wall! The pet with the most votes by New Year’s Eve will win four fabulous custom designed pet ID tags from The Tag Studio (one for each season or major holiday!!!) Plus, the title of “Pet of the Year!” Trust us, these stylish tags are GREAT, but if you don’t believe us learn more about them here! So what are you waiting for? Tell your friends and vote today! And the nominees are…. 

Junior (July)
Bailey (August)
Snuggles (September)


Charlie (October)
Brandy (November)
So quickly! Cast your votes today for one of these adorable canine companions! And psssst! All you cat owners out there, please be sure to send in your photos for future “Pet of the Month” contests! You can’t let dogs have all the fun! 
(Please note, only votes cast on our Facebook page will be counted and only one vote per person will be included in the final count.)

The Tag Studio is IT for Stylish Pet ID!

Photo Courtesy of The Tag Studio
There can be no denying that pets have unique personalities, so why not treat them to an ID tag that truly fits not only their name, but their character too.
Founded online in 2008, The Tag Studio offers an extensive range of ID tag options to reflect the individuality of each pet. Equipped with a collection of 15 different shapes composed of the finest anodized aluminum and all available in 8 bold colours, this Montreal family business presents a custom software interface so that you can personally design your tag with the simple click click click of a mouse.
Choose from a over 50 fun fonts and 100 different graphics, as well as all sorts of interesting backgrounds and layouts. There are even clever holiday and Halloween designs available, including snowmen, reindeer, ghosts and goblins! The Tag Studio thinks of everything when it comes to efficient and stylish tag design, even offering a unique “Medical Condition” parameter for pets’ important medical information, further enhancing their safety when away from home. High resolution icons indicating cell phone numbers, home numbers and microchips can also be included at no additional cost. And the best part, you can fully preview your tag’s design every step of the way, as well as have the option of receiving PDF proofs for approval before your order is finalized.
Usually processing within 24 hours and delivered to your doorstep by Lettermail or Xpresspost with tracking, these little laser engraved gems are the perfect holiday gift for your beloved pet. The Tag Studio is it when it comes to creating a beautiful product that will help your pet find their way home in style.
Remember to cast your vote for your favourite “Pet of the Month” and help them win not only the “Pet of the Year 2010″ title, but also four of these fabulously stylish pet tags too!