October 2010 Pet of the Month!

At first sight, Mr. Charlie Marley, a two-year-old Maltese Poodle mix, looks more like a stuffed animal than a real pooch. But when his little tail starts to wag a mile a minute and he bounces all over the place to greet you, there can be no mistaking his liveliness! A true angel, Mr. Charlie Marley is as good as gold, having only one instance of chewing one shoe when he was three-months-old (just a baby!) His greatest past times in life include playing fetch, snuggling like there is no tomorrow and playing with his 25 plush toys from sunrise to sundown.
However, Charlie knows the importance of balancing play with work, having modeled various dog harnesses and won many photo contests. His photograph was even published in the Palm Beach Post and he has aspirations of breaking into Broadway some day! A ball of love, this tiny 5lb fellow has a huge heart and is willing to share it with everyone he meets.
Congratulations Charlie Marley! October 2010’s Pet of the Month!


Babs E. Keller

Tag! Tag! Tag! Chase me or let me chase you, it doesn’t matter! It’s all fun to me!

My stuffed animals — all 25 of them, because it’s impossible to choose! I also really like balls and will play fetch forever! (Seriously, I challenge you to keep throwing!)

Dogswell ‘Happy Hips’ Chicken Breast Strips are delicious!

It’s more like a mischievous marathon, if I’m being honest. I like to try and throw my stuffed toys behind the couch, down the side of the couch or push them underneath the couch out of reach. Then I have no choice but to cry for Mom to come and help me get them out again! Don’t ask me why… I mean, can you explain your mischief?

When I was three-months-old, Mom tied bells on a string to the front door knob, then whenever nature called, I called Mom by ringing the bell to go out! Everyone was really impressed!

Easy! My birthday and Christmas will soon be here! Maybe I’ll get a new stuffed animal for my collection?

CATCH PHRASE: I’m just so lovable… and I love everyone!

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Best Dressed Halloween Pooch

What makes a sensational costume? It’s ingenuity? It’s originality? Or it’s overall ‘aw’ factor? We think it’s a bit of all three, which was brilliantly captured by Buster and Suki this Halloween! Check out the amazing Star Wars themed attire that these pooches hit the streets in. Darth Vadar and Yoda are headed your way! Cute, are not they?

The Cutest Costumes

By Cindy Orti
Another Halloween is on the horizon. The moon is bright, the pumpkin is carved, the house is decorated in true ghoulish fashion, and buckets of candy sit by the door awaiting trick-or-treaters. It looks like it’s going to be a fabulous evening of chills and thrills and everything is in place of a fun festive time. But just in case you were still wondering what to dress up as this year, we thought we would show off one or two more ideas.  So, here are a few extra cute costume inspirations that stole our hearts and are sure to make a statement at any Halloween function.

A bee-uatiful alternative to vampires and witches, this bright and cheerful bumblebee costume is a lovely way to celebrate the season, but remember to watch out for the stinger!
By Cindy Orti
Your dog will be the hottest pooch in the neighbourhood with this adorable and delicious hot dog get up. The only question remaining will be ketchup or mustard?
You’ll be able to trick-or-treat from the ‘second star to the right, straight on until morning’ as Peter Pan and Tinkberbell. Just make sure you use Tink’s pixie dust to wish for lots of candy!
Happy Halloween everybody! And remember, send in photos of your amazing costumes to PAWSHmagazine@gmail.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it !

Candy is Dandy, But Toxic For Pets

By Stephanie Heim
 Halloween is a great time to celebrate the spooky and scary side of life and with so many amusements haunting this festive time of year, like Halloween dances, haunted walks, and hay mazes, it’s hard for us humans not to find something to do. However, human beings aren’t the only ones who can have a little fun when witches and goblins come out to play. Your pets can also enjoy the Halloween spirit with you this year, but as with any celebration it is important to keep safety in mind.

  1. COSTUMES: There are very few things cuter than seeing a dog dressed up as a pig. However, there are certain things to keep in mind when selecting a costume for your pet. First of all, make sure that they enjoy wearing their costume. Trust me, they’ll let you know if they are unhappy so you shouldn’t force that witch’s hat on your cat. The costume also shouldn’t constrict their movements, sight, or breathing and make sure it’s not too tight either. Be careful there are no loose ends on the costume for them to chew on and make sure they don’t overheat as well. If your pet loves the attention that a costume gives and it fits them perfectly, you can find great costumes and even dress up with your pooch, like this! 
  2. SEASONAL COLLARS: Maybe the costume is a bit much for you or your pet, so instead you could always spring for a fun Halloween collar. That way pets can still be seasonally stylish and you still still somewhere to attach their tags so they can be safely returned in case they manage to get loose while trick or treating.
  3. REFLECTIVE GEAR: Another great idea if you want to take your dog out trick-or-treating for a bit is reflective gear. You might think it will ruin their oh-so stylish costume, but safety should always come first and be top priority. On Halloween especially it is important to make sure your pets are as safe as possible and some reflective gear will ensure that they are easily spotted by vehicles as well as any spooky creatures that are afoot. In fact a reflective vest is something that will help keep them safe all year round.
    By Stephanie Heim
  4. CHEW TOYS: A excellent way to keep your pet amused for the night are fun chew toys! There are Halloween themed rubber bones, monster chew toys and even a Thing in a Bag which will amuse your cat for hours. Go ahead! Spoil them rotten!
  5. SAFE TREATS: Much like humans, pets love a little tasty treat on Halloween. However, chocolate and sugar is unsafe for our four-legged friends; although you can find treats that would be both safe and delicious for them. From these ‘Growl-o-ween’ cookies or even just some special treats from your local PetSmart, your pets can have a fun night trick-or-treating too!
  6. SAFETY GATES: Perhaps you would rather keep your pet home for the evening to make sure they are extra safe (which is a very good idea, especially if you own any black cats). Make sure they hang out in a safe area, away from any opening and closing door that they could make a run for when scary visitors coming calling. The sight of people dressed up as goblins and demons may upset some pets and cause them to bolt, so a pet safety gate is a good idea as an extra precaution.
Whether you’re taking your pet along for some good old fashioned fun or enjoying their company at home, there are lots of good ways to treat your pet this Halloween. Have a happy (and safe) Halloween!

By Allison Vorstenbosch