Celebrate your dog’s unique, quirky personality with a custom 12″ X 12″ painting from Crazy Rebels! These talented artists bring your dog’s whimsical woofy nature to life and showcase their true colours in a memorable, modern style.

“The genuine nature of dogs inspires our work,” says the Crazy Rebels team. “They are so loyal and unconditionally loving; it is a joy and an honour to be able to capture that in painted form for the owner.”

The bold, contemporary style of these pieces will stand out on your wall and add a playful element to any kind of home decor. Pop it on your bedside table, hang it in your home office, or add it to the family’s art collection — wherever you decide to place these adorable portraits they will make you smile every time you look at them!

Today one lucky reader will win a custom painting of their own dog, valued at $200! (Due to the hectic nature of the holidays, the winner’s commission may not be ready in time for Christmas.)

Keep reading to find out how to enter and discover yesterday’s winners of Giveaway #2!

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Contest entries for Giveaway #4 close at 10pm tonight and the winner will be drawn at random (again, once ALL entries have been properly tallied and accounted for). The winner will be announced on the blog tomorrow when we introduced Giveaway #5!

YESTERDAY’S WINNER: Congratulations Emma W. Bartlett and Andrea Valois! Be sure to email to collect your prize!


  1. Olivia R says:

    Hmmm, not sure why we need to post on our favorite leash, possibly a type. My favorite leash from yesterday is
    The “keep calm”

    For today, the portrait would be of my Service Dog. What a great gift for Chanukah this would be.

  2. Nmurdock says:

    My rescues, Moxie the Scottie, and Simon the Glen of Imaal have only just started being the quirky confident dogs they should have been from the start. Every play bow, smile and waggy tail speaks to their resilience and sheer doggie joy in their new life. I adore them! To have their spirit captured in a piece of art would be a blessing and a mitzvah…..and just plain cool!

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