Pet-Safety-Puppy-Checklist-Pawsh-Magazine-1Now that spring has arrived, many people may be planning to add a puppy to their family unit. While the precious little babes may seem like low maintenance, the truth is they require a lot of preparation and care. So here’s a brief checklist for first time puppy parents that overviews some important things to keep in mind before puppy comes home.

This cannot be stressed enough. Researching puppy care in general, as well as the care required by its specific breed, is number one. Different breeds come with different needs which an expectant puppy parent should know about.

Keep a couple of reputable puppy books on your coffee table, or bookmark some informative blogs and websites on your computer, so that you can easily turn to a reliable source if faced with an unknown when your ball of fluff arrives. Be prepared to tackle house training, teething, exercise needs, nutrition and more all at once. Taping your local vet’s emergency telephone number to the fridge isn’t a bad idea either — just in case.

Pet-Safety-Puppy-Checklist-Pawsh-Magazine-2Puppies like to put anything and everything in their mouths, so be sure to put anything that is potentially harmful out of puppy’s reach. Tape down wires and cover electrical sockets. Put baby gates across stairs so your puppy cannot fall down and injure themselves, and put away any rugs or valuable items in your home that might get broken.

Your puppy is going to need a place to call their own, a safe place to hideaway and sleep when they want to. Introducing your puppy to a crate at an early age is a good idea so that they are comfortable and can be left in it when you have to go out. This will help keep them safe and out of mischief when you’re not around to supervise.

Pet-Safety-Puppy-Checklist-Pawsh-Magazine-4Yes, puppies need a special form of dog food. Visit your local pet shop ahead of time and choose a kibble that suits your puppy’s age. Talk to the sales clerk if you are unsure.

Puppies have little mouths with little teeth that need to be worked, so be sure to have a few toys in the house for them to play with. It is important to get toys that are designated as ‘suitable for puppies’ because these will be designed specifically for little ones who are just growing into their chompers. Puppy chew toys especially will help them when it comes time for teething.

Pet-Safety-Puppy-Checklist-Pawsh-Magazine-3Just like babies, puppies are a lot of work and demand a lot of attention. Sometimes, as the doting parent, you’ll need an afternoon or an evening out to clear your head and recharge your batteries. Or sometimes you have to travel for work and run out to unexpected meetings. Thus it’s a good idea to have a reliable puppy babysitter on speed-dial for those hectic times, somebody who can lend a hand and help you ensure that puppy is getting only the best.

As a first time puppy owner there is a lot to take in. Enrolling in a puppy obedience class never hurts, because you will have access to an expert trainer who will teach you how to train your puppy and communicate effectively with them. Plus, it is an opportunity to socialize your puppy with other dogs their age and provides them with a new exciting experience.

*** For any concerns regarding proper puppy care, be sure to consult a qualified veterinarian.***

Bringing home a puppy to a well-prepared home is a magical experience like none other. What was your first day home with your puppy like? We’re dying to know and relive some precious puppy moments!

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