We know we’ve been going on and on (and possibly on?) about Valentine’s for the past week, but in our books it is a lovely little holiday designed to celebrate one of the greatest things in life – love. And while there are some that believe this red-hued holiday to be nothing more than a Hallmark occasion designed to make money from lovey-dovey couples everywhere, we know better. It is a time to enjoy togetherness with those you love the most. Pets are people too here at PAWSH, so here are some cute ways to unleash your amour and spend some quality time with your fur-baby.

  1. Take a Stroll!
    Yes, yes, a stroll in the park might seem rather ordinary, but the fact of the matter is dogs love going outside with their owners. Plus it is great exercise! Put a twist on this outing by taking your pooch somewhere new where they can savour exciting smells and run around like an excited maniac!
  1. Massage Time!
    Doggie massage is a terrific way to bond with your dog, because it is an activity that is calming, relaxing and lets them know that you entire focus is upon them. Also, dogs are very physical creatures, meaning they respond to touch and some studies show that dogs who are massaged regularly have better circulation and reduced stress. And bonus, the effect is contagious! Owners experience reduced stress too!
  1. Play!
    All a dog wants, besides a look-in at the table scraps, is to engage with their person and play is viewed as a prized activity in their chocolate brown eyes! So take a break from work and challenge your devoted dog to a game of tug-of-war, Frisbee or chase!
  1. Treats!
    Rarely do you find a dog who wouldn’t bend over backwards for a savoury treat! So treat them to a delicious biscuit or pupcake this year! Click here for a great DIY recipe we mentioned earlier this month, tested by some of the PAWSH pets and deemed gobble-up-worthy.
    From Rusty-Dawg Pet Products
  1. Valentine’s Collar and Leash!
    Silly? Perhaps. Cute? Most definitely! There are so many beautiful pink, red and heart decorated collar and leash designs floating around the pet world these days it seems a shame not to bestow a clever collar design upon your beloved canine friend. We love this large bones collar from Rusty Dawg Pet Products. And remember, Valentine’s is about love which can be worn on your sleeve (or on your collar!) all year round!
What are your plans for Valentine’s weekend? Share the love and let us know what you’re up to! Or send us your pics!