Music is a pretty powerful medium. It can calm and soothe then flip over and excite and energize! Thus music is an important part of the PAWSH day. There’s always some sort of tune pulsing in the background and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

So we thought we’d share a smattering of songs that frequent our play-list, from the soft and gentle to loud and crazy! (And yes, there may be a subtle ‘pet’ theme with these songs today — we couldn’t help ourselves!) We’re in sort of an oldies mood this morning, hence the love we’re showing for such classics as “Hard Days Night” by the Beatles and “Walk the Line” by good old Johnny Cash. Then we’re also loving the fabulous Florence and the Machine smash hit “The Dog Days Are Over,” as well as the melodic harmonies of the oh-so wonderful Cat Stevens.

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Yep, we’re a diverse bunch here at PAWSH. We listen to alternative, jazz, rock, indie, folk, pop and anything in between, which can only mean one thing. More playlists are headed your way in future! Stay tuned! In the mean time, however, tell us what you’re listening to lately? We’re always on the prowl for more tunes!

Oh, and for the true musical hound, be sure to pick up their own record (above) — a Muttown Record to be exact. It’s sure to be a chart-topper!