Photo Courtesy of Matchbook Magazine by Carol Dronsfield
Does anybody else find that weekends are a catalyst for creativity? Maybe it’s because the work week is over and you get to blow of steam on Friday night. Maybe it’s because you get to sleep in on Saturday morning and enjoy a delicious home-cooked brunch on Sunday rather than boring old cereal. Whatever the reason, weekends are when some of the best ideas find you. Inspiration lurks in everything and without warning pounces, causing you to frantically scramble around for a pen and paper to capture that fleeting moment of brilliance and remember it for when Monday morning comes rolling around.

The pet community is all of a flutter with inspiration and creative souls, so much so that we don’t always get a chance to talk about every one of them during the week. So, voila! Our “Lovely Links” list, which will be coming to you every Friday afternoon to hopefully help spark your own creativity, showcase some pretty pet projects and some of our favourite finds over the past week!

1.  A new breed of pet was discovered! The Bunny-Russell from 3 Little Pooches!

2.  The fourth fabulous issue of Matchbook Magazine dropped where we were introduced to Fidel, an adorable Havenese pup who belongs to designer extraordinaire, Amanda Pearl.

3. A tribute to the ever lovely Audrey Hepburn made an appearance on Miles to Style. (It was Miss Hepburn’s birthday on Wednesday. Happy belated darling!)

4.  A soft and snugly dog blanket came in to our lives for extra mad cuddles!

5. An inspiring Happy Tails event from Hopeful Hearts will be happening this weekend to raise money for this wonderful rescue!

Hope you all have a truly inspired weekend! xo