Exciting news this morning ladies and gentlemen! A few weeks ago we announced PAWSH’s Biggest Giveaway Ever and after reading through your wonderful entries have finally selected three semi-finalists. Here are their wonderful stories:

1)  Christina Lee
The perfect lazy day is a rainy one spent in my cozy bedroom in my king-sized bed with Bravo on the television, my husband lying next to me surrounded by lots of toys and our four dogs.  All of my inspiration comes from the area in which I live (the Blue Ridge Mountains) and my farm. Plus all of the animals on Bluebird farm. My pug-chihuahua cross, Tallulah, sleeps wherever my bathrobe happens to be, so the funniest place was in the laundry basket.

2)  Bree Palmer
The perfect lazy day consists of cuddling up on the couch with a blanket and watching movies while Katie (my kitty) naps by my head. Most of my creative inspiration comes from my Twitter friends, stumbling upon the internet and blogs. As well a lot of my inspiration comes from nature, including flowers, birds and clouds. Katie likes to nap on piles of blankets usually, but one time I found her in my sweater drawer which was too funny because she could not get out!

3)  Laura Souza
The perfect day for me is spending the day swimming with my furbabies, having a BBQ and then going for a bike ride with my pup in the basket of my bike. It is pure heaven to spend a day with so much love from these sweet furbabies. What inspires me most is the work we do with hospice residents. When I see our old folks’ faces light up at the sight of dogs coming to visit them, it is wonderful. The funniest place Gianna falls asleep on is the raft floating in our pool.

To determine who the lucky winner will be of this gorgeous pet bed from Une Vie de Chateau simply write the name of the person you would like to see win on our Facebook Page. You have until July 2nd to cast your vote! Thank you everyone for entering and sharing your inspirational stories with us!