All photos by AT Photography
Hello everyone! Thank you so much for your patience this week while Rory and I took off for a mini-country holiday. The fresh air and beautiful scenery was exactly what we needed and we are now back in fine fettle ready to get going once again!  While out and about we decided to do a little photoshoot of Miss Rory and her many crazy antics. So without further adieu, here she comes trotting along the gravel path looking for some fun! Be sure to continue reading for more photos!

Reason number one for loving the country getaway — table manners don’t matter! Rory wasted no time at all hopping up onto a picnic table and settling down for a good session of stick gnashing.

We call this her ‘dump truck move.’ Although very excited to see water, Rory has the hilarious habit of dashing wildly towards it then pausing like a miniature dump truck as she decides whether she actually likes this crazy wet thing called water or not.

…of course, she always comes around to the idea of having her paws wet and soon enough will spend as much time as possible paddling around, chasing splashes or just stopping to take the refreshing lake air.

No outdoor adventure would be complete without a trusty tennis ball (or two in case you lose one). Look at this crazy puppy dashing around with her favourite toy! It all becomes a big game of chase soon enough with intermittent rounds of fetch and frequent pauses to shake herself dry.

However, when it is finally time to leave the water for another day and cozy up inside, we inevitably have to deal with this face — the look that pleads, ‘Aw, come on. Five more minutes?’

It’s only a matter of moments when she’s finally tucked up on the couch indoors beside a soothing fireplace before those lovable chocolate brown eyes start to droop and she drifts off to sleep. Hope you have all had a lovely week so far! We are happy to be back! xo