This weekend is Thanksgiving in Canada, which naturally has us thinking about the whole concept of thanks. While we love this particular holiday, we also firmly believe that thanks is something that should be given freely and kindly every single day for the little things as well as the large.

Think about your dog. No matter what happens — if you give them a treat, a hug, a long run at the park or a new chew toy — a dog always says thank you with a waggy tail and a slobbery kiss. Even more importantly a dog says thank you every day to you, their people, for just being yourself. A dog never asks you to change, never turns their nose up at a yellow tennis ball because they wanted the trendier hot pink version and never dwells on the things that they don’t have in life. Our dogs are perhaps the most satisfied creatures on the planet, who always find something to be grateful for.

This is the example we should all follow more often. So you don’t have a house and rent a tiny apartment instead — be thankful that you have a roof over your head. So you can’t eat out as much as you would like and are left to fumble around in your kitchen — be thankful that you have food in your stomach. So you may not have your dream job right at this moment — be thankful that you have a dream. 

Most importantly of all, however, be thankful for the people in your life (furry and human alike) because they are the ones who share your ups and downs, your silly and serious matters, as well as your hopes and fears. Saying thank-you out loud to people, to yourself and to the world just makes for a nicer ambiance all around and a happier way of life. Everyone always has something to be thankful for.

We are incredibly thankful for each one of you, who joins us here on Pawsh and shares your wonderful stories with us time and time again. We try to say thank-you often, but it never feels like enough. Please know how much we appreciate your support and how much we’ve loved getting to know you over the past several months. What is the ‘something’ you are thankful for this year?

Have a fantastic long weekend!!! xoxo