This morning I would like to introduce you to a very special lady who I recently met called Dolly. She is currently a foster dog at Hopeful Hearts Rescue, who is patiently waiting for that special someone to come along and welcome her into their loving family.  There is so much to know about this darling, so please keep reading!

Dolly is believed to have been abandoned on the streets of Montreal — as such, she responds beautifully to French commands, but she’s a clever girl who can also understand English. She knows how to sit, give a paw, lie down and comes running with a waggy tail whenever she is whistled for. Being a poodle mix, she is extremely intelligent. After only a day at her foster home she learned where the kibble was kept (she paws gently at the cupboard when dinner time rolls around) and sits by the front door when she needs to go out.

Weighing in at approximately 6lbs, Dolly is a teeny-tiny little girl who loves nothing more than to snuggle on your lap and just be close to people. She greets everybody with a happy tail that shakes so much her entire back end waggles! You just need to talk to her and that little tail feather starts to shake.  She seems especially ecstatic to meet children and is very gentle with them — however, because of her age (she’s believed to be about 10 years old, but still has so much life left to live!) she would be best suited for a mature home. Oh, she also gets along famously with other dogs — big, small or giant, it doesn’t matter! Dolly loves everyone.

Dolly is bursting with energy! She loves to roll around on rugs, kicking all four legs in the air as though celebrating her second chance on life! She also never says no to indulging in a bellyrub. She loves to play ‘pat your hands’ on the floor, sort of like a doggy version of tag and bounces around with excitement whenever it is time for a walk. Then when she is tuckered out she likes to sleep on her back like a person for a nice long nap and has the cutest little snore you’ve ever heard!

Apart from her sweet and sensitive personality, Dolly’s ears are perhaps her most memorable feature. When she’s looking straight forward her ears look like their are bunched up in pig-tails or invisible hair rollers. Then when she looks up at you (as she always does, because she likes to see her people) those ears flop backwards in true elephant-style. Those ears never fail to make you laugh!

One last adorable thing about Dolly is that she is a little scared of human sneezes and will scuttle out of the room like lightning if somebody says, “A-choo!’ — but don’t worry, she quickly returns to make sure you are alright.

Dolly is a very special lady who brings instant joy and love wherever she goes. Hopeful Hearts has made sure that she is all up to date on shots and has had a complete dental workup. Plus she will be spayed next month. Dolly needs a loving family who will cherish her quirky face and hilarious personality. If you are interested in adopting this precious bundle of fur, please contact or visit the Hopeful Hearts website.

(Photos by Liz Bradley)