Very few people enjoy a rainy day — especially your pup who loves nothing more than to run around outside and lose themselves in new smells galore.  So today we thought we’d share with you a rainy day game that is sure to perk up your pet when skies are grey.

We call this game ‘Undercover’ and it is a simple amusement that provides hours of fun. All you do is take your pet’s favourite toy (preferably something that squeaks) and hide it under a blanket or duvet. Be sure that your pet sees the toy disappear under the blanket and then squeak it to further get their attention. Your dog will then pounce on the blanket and excitedly start sniffing, digging and nosing around in search of their toy — so, perhaps use an old blanket that you don’t mind anything happening to.

This game is great for two main reasons. 1) It satisfies your dog’s natural instincts to hunt and search, while delivering lots of fun.  2) It is a wonderful way to bond with your pooch if you are feeling too tired for a run — all this game requires of you is to sit down and squeak every now and then. However, to keep your pet interested in this activity, be sure to allow them to successfully capture their toy from time to time before re-hiding it once again.

What are some of your favourite rainy day pet games?