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It should come as no surprise that owners love their pets. Indeed many people feel that their beloved pet is their soul-mate, the one creature in this world who gets them, listens without interruption, loves without judgement and accepts their flaws without question. So what happens when a single pet lover meets somebody who doesn’t like pets?

Some people say they would never give somebody who didn’t love animals a second look. Others are prepared to give that person a chance to grow to love pets — after all sometimes a dislike for something is merely a result of not being exposed to it. Then there are those who feel the need to make a relationship conditional upon whether the dog/pet likes this new person and vice versa.

What have your experiences with this type of situation been? Have you ever dated a non-pet person? How about somebody who likes pets, but could never own one due to severe allergies? Would you consider being with a non-pet person or an individual who has terrible allergies?  What do you think a person’s attitude towards pets says about them? Let’s settle down for an afternoon of relationship chit-chat. We would love to hear your stories, so please feel free to comment (even anonymously) if you’d like! Or share your thoughts over here. xo