Would you like to know a secret? Rory is getting a new collar this year for Christmas — that is, if her people can ever decide on a style! It’s awful that we are days away from the big celebration and we still haven’t picked one (but please, no judgement!) Why a collar, you may ask? Well mostly because her present collar is looking a little shabby and this product can be both practical and pretty!

There is a vast rainbow of possibilities in the colourful world of collars, something to suit every pooch and every pooch’s whim! It is wonderful to have choice, but at the same time it can be a tricky business finding exactly the right look for your furry friend.

Above are a few of the top contenders. I’m loving the bold graphic prints and sophisticated fabrics that merge to bring forth some lovely neck attire. Which one do you think would best suit Rory? Any input would be greatly appreciated!

1. Tangerine Leather  2. Mod Dog Collection  3. Plaid Collar  4. A Pop of Pink  5. Floral Cream Collar Cover  6. Elephant’s On Parade Goldenrod  7. Preppy Plaid