For those of you who may have ‘keep the house cleaner’ on your resolution list this year, allow us to introduce you to Method — a company that has vowed to work against dirt in a healthy and natural manner. Founded by Adam Lowry and Eric Ryan, Method presents a wide range of home cleaning products made completely out of environmentally friendly ingredients. Their website describes their products as being “gentler than a thousand puppy licks” and the best part is Method cleaning supplies are completely safe to use around pets!

Without any toxic components, Method can be used on surfaces that your dog or cat may frequent regularly; although, of course, it is not advised to allow your pet to ingest these products, but that’s common sense, right?  With no parabens, bleaches or other hazardous chemicals, bringing Method into your home this year will help keep your pets safe and your home more eco-friendly. What’s not to love about that?