A new year means that it is time to kick off the 2012 Pet of the Month series! For those of you who might be unfamiliar with this series it is a monthly photo contest (also known as lots of fun)! 
To Enter:
All you have to do is…
—  send your favourite pet photographs and story to us at info@pawsh-magazine.com. 
—  each week we will select a #ThursdayFurball, who’s photo will be published on our website.
Then during the last week of every month the four #ThursdayFurballs face off in a public vote (oh yes, American Idol style!) and the pet with the most votes wins a prize!
For this year’s series Pawsh is thrilled to announce an exciting partnership with our friends at BlanketID — a brilliant Vancouver-based company whom we love! (You may remember us gushing about them here.)
Each stylish BlanketID tag is connected to an online profile of your pet where you can detail not only where they live, but all sorts of other important information such as medical needs, likes, allergies, fears and behaviours. If your pet ever goes missing, whomever finds him simply uses the code on the tag to access this profile, thus helping to return your pet as quickly as possible while making your pet’s time away from home as comfortable as possible. Also, the BlanketID online profile will auto-format ‘Lost Dog’ posters and broadcast alerts to shelters to help locate your pet if they ever stray away. Nifty!
Every furball crowned Pet of the Month in 2012 will win a beautiful BlanketID tag plus a FREE 3-year membership! Style and security — what could be better?
Be sure to submit your pet photographs and tales for January at info@pawsh-magazine.com! And don’t forget to like our friends at Blanket ID on Facebook and Twitter!