I’d like to share something today. Pawsh is on Pinterest — the fabulous new platform that serves as a virtual never-ending inspiration board. The truth is I’ve been pinning for ages now and am completely obsessed with this new format for collecting ideas, sharing inspiration and keeping things in mind for the future.

I have been keeping my pinning private thus far, only because I find it a relaxing way to escape into my imagination and an interesting way to connect with myself and my own sense of aesthetic. I didn’t want that haven of sorts under any sort of pressure or observation, as so many things these days are touted in the public eye and driven by the desire to ‘gain followers’ or grow an audience. However, I have been so impressed with Pinterest and its unique manner of helping an individual cultivate their sense of style that I wanted to share Pawsh’s pinning experience with you and invite you to follow my boards, if you’re interested.

This invitation isn’t for the reasons I mentioned above (aka ‘gaining followers’ etc), it is because I truly believe that anything positive in this world should be shared and enjoyed with others. Pinterest has been a remarkable place for me personally and a wonderful way to keep track of the things that you either admire, aspire to or just plain old like.

I only pin things that I like. I only pin things that speak to me on a positive level, and I pin about a wide variety of subjects, including our dear sweet pets. So if you’re interested pop by and take a peek at Pinterest — it is truly a beautiful place to spend some time.