It’s not every day you meet a professional pet party planner, so when Lisa Rodriguez from Party Animals in Austin, Texas email introduced herself and her partner, Eddie, I knew they had to be featured on Pawsh! Not only do this dynamic duo help others celebrate life with their beloved pets, but they go out of their way to make moments as special as possible for their own mixed breed fur-baby, Rugby. Life is about celebrating the big, the small and everything else in between. Here’s my interview with Lisa, brimming with all sorts of pet party tips!

What inspired you to start planning pet parties?
It just fell in our laps. Eddie said he wanted to start a business and he thought scooping poop could be pretty lucrative, but I put my foot down on that idea. So Eddie asked me what I’ve always wanted to do and my answer was to plan and market events. There are too many event planners, so I jokingly said, “We should just plan parties for pets!” We both had a giggle and then realized that it was a pretty unique idea. That day we came up with the name and logo and started working on our concept.

What is the most memorable pet party you have ever thrown?
Last spring we had a very special party for Chelsea. She was turning 14 and her ‘mommy’ wanted to have a shindig for her downtown doggy-diva early in case she didn’t make it to her birthday during the summer. It was wonderful, all her friends came over and we rented a really awesome venue that featured a doggy disco, extra treats and a mini agility lesson. It was definitely a heartfelt experience.


What kind of canine food you serve at a shindig?
We work with different bakeries throughout the city and absolutely love It’s Pawsitively Irresistible. They offer pup-cakes, mutt muffins, lots of different flavors of treats and our favorite, Bentley’s pizza bites (little mini pizzas). We usually feature a canine buffet table, which is a whole lot of fun for both pets and their parents to visit!

What sort of activities do you plan for the guests (human and canine alike)?
We have lots of different options to choose from, including a Fido photo booth, bark-day boy/girl quiz cards, doggy musical chairs, doggy disco, mini agility courses, shopping parties, ‘spaw’ services and boot camp training.  It’s a hoot!

What is your favourite time of year to host a party and why?
The spring (aka now!) It’s a beautiful time of year in Austin and everyone’s so excited to be back out enjoying the warm weather.

Would you say your pup parties are nicer than your human celebrations?
Yes! We have been a part of a lot of other events including block parties, fundraisers, silent auctions and movie/music festivals. Our pet parties, however, are the TOP DOG! And our guests are the best to work with!

What is your biggest piece of advice for owners who would like to throw a pet party?
Just do it! Whether you hire someone or go the DIY route, it is such a great experience. I tell a lot of people, especially those that find it odd, that we all love a good party. Why not include our pets? It’s not just about your pet enjoying their special day, but also about you. Which is why using a pet party planner is awesome – no fuss!

Thank you Lisa for taking the time to chat with me and share your insights into pet party planning. If you’re now feeling inspired to throw a bash for your beloved pet be sure to take a peek at this dog-friendly Valentine’s Day party, this dog birthday party and this dog garden party for even more ideas!