“Stop and smell the flowers…or at the very least, pause long enough to chew on them!” It’s a sentiment that is age-old and profound in its meaning, especially when carried out by a sweet King Charles Cavalier Spaniel called Wallace in Normandy, France. Photographer Stephanie Graf-Vocat bumped into this spunky fellow and snapped what I think are some truly inspirational photos, but you have to keep reading to see just how into flowers Wallace really is!

“Hey! Hey! I want to pick you a flower!” 

“Foiled. Oh well, I guess I’ll just lick it instead…”

“Wait a minute! There has to be something pretty in here! Follow me!”

Thank you Stephanie and Wallace for these delightfully springy photos! In case you missed it, here is last week’s Australian pet street photography post. Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone and remember to drink in those flowers before the pups get them all!