This is Maggie. A gorgeous girl who is waiting patiently at Hopeful Hearts for her new forever family. She has quite the story to tell, so keep reading to learn more!

Maggie came to Hopeful Hearts when her family could not take care of her anymore due to a new family member’s allergies. She weighs 68 lbs and is very fluffy, with long black fur. She enjoys car rides and is well behaved in the car and great with children.

FAVE SNACK: Anything. Maggie will eat anything, but loves liver snacks best.

FAVE GAME: Maggie loves to play catch me if you can. She will run around and teases everyone to chase after her.

BIGGEST FEAR: No big fears, just nervous around new people and dogs.

FUNNIEST QUIRK: Maggie flops on the floor very hard when she lies down, with a big bang. She is also uncomfortable with eye contact, so she turns her back to you, so she doesn’t have to look at you while your scratch her back…which she loves.

CATCH PHRASE: I am a little nervous at first but, take me for a walk and I will love you forever. I love exploring everything, rolling around in leaves and I get super excited when you come home from a day out.

If you would like to learn more about Maggie or any of the Hopeful Hearts angels, please email