Are you the type of person who is continually out and about with Fido in tow? I know I certainly am! Today’s giveaway, valued at $130, is perfect for the pup who needs to wait patiently for their person to finish with whatever they do. It is a gorgeous Travel Bed from Cloud 7!

This bed folds up prettily to resemble a tote, making for easy transport even if you’re like me and lugging a lot of camera equipment around. Simply unfold the bed to reveal a beautiful plush surface made from 100% pure sheep’s wool. It’s like a luxury sleeping pad wherever you go! I envision this product being ideal for a photographer who always has their dog with them in various studios or someone who bounces around between friends’ houses with their dog.

Today’s giveaway is a little different to enter….all you have to do is…

COMMENT ON THIS BLOG POST! Tell us a funny sleeping story about your dog — where is the funniest place you’ve caught them napping, how do they sleep (on their back with paws in the air? Sitting up?), or why your dog could use a portable luxury dog bed.

For an extra chance to enter, simply post a photo of your dog on our Facebook page! It’s always a pleasure to see your furry faces!

Contest entries for Giveaway #6 close at 10pm tonight and the winner will be drawn at random (again, once ALL entries have been properly tallied and accounted for). The winner will be announced on the blog on tomorrow when we introduce Giveaway #7!

FRIDAY’S WINNER: Congratulations heatherty! Please email to collect your prize!