Is getting more exercise for your dog on your 2013 to-do list? Then a DogTrot Fitness treadmill might be just want your canine cutie pie needs! This specially engineered treadmill is ideal to help dogs get the daily running time they need when the weather is frigid, rainy or just plain rotten.

Plus studies suggest that regular running exercise can extend your dog’s natural life by two full years! Here are five fabulous reasons why DogTrot treadmills in particular rock once a dog has been trained to use them!

DogTrot dog treadmills are remote controlled. They are low profile meaning they are not very far from the floor and there is no bulky console obstructing your dog’s view. This means you can be seated near by and remain in full control of the treadmill while your dog is exercising. They are also all electrically certified to meet Canadian standards, which are much higher than US standards. DogTrot Fitness certifies the electrical safety of each and every unit they sell.

DogTrot dog treadmills accommodate a dog’s stride. Humans run on two feet – dogs run on four.  The size of treadmill a dog needs depends upon the length of his stride.  Human treadmills come in a fairly standard size (usually having a running deck of 54 to 60”), while dog treadmills can be gauged to the length of your dog’s stride. 

Our treadmills come in sizes ranging from 100 cm. long (39.5”) up to 251 cm. (98”).  If you have a small dog, you can get away with a very small treadmill – which is a great space saving feature.  Some large dogs have a longer stride than human treadmills can accommodate – so we also sell long treadmills. Whatever your dog’s stride, we can help them put their best paw forward on the path to a healthier lifestyle.

The running belt on DogTrot dog treadmills was designed to accommodate the pads of a dog’s foot (not a running shoe);  it’s a lot kinder to dog’s feet than most human treadmills. Often the running surface on human treadmills has a rather gritty surface which can be harmful to gentle paws.

All treadmill models have a holder for your dog’s leash, if you choose to use it. Some models also have gates, guiding your dog to remain on the treadmill.


DogTrot treadmills are designed to accommodate things like dog fur, slobber (and worse — need we say more?) They are easy to clean, which will be news to any owners’ ears!

Although DogTrot Fitness is a wonderful Pawsh sponsor, this post is not sponsored. DogTrot dog treadmills are a high-quality product that Pawsh believes in.  When used correctly and responsibly a DogTrot Fitness treadmill can improve your dog’s life and happiness.

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