To keep the lively ‘Pet of the Month’ tradition going in 2013 Pawsh has partnered with a new fabulous sponsor — Domestic Beast! This elegant online shop only carries items that have been personally hand-selected by its wonderful staff. This means that only the very best products are available for your furry friend and let me tell you the selection is diverse!

For the January 2013 Pet of the Month contest, one lucky winner will get to choose a Baxter & Birdie collar valued at $35! These collars come in a wide variety of funky fabrics and are sure to impress even the ficklest of pooches!

This year the contest rules have been tweaked a little bit to make it even easier to enter! All you have to do is ONE of these things…

1.  Email Pawsh at with a photo of your pet and a brief 2 or 3 lines about them. For example, what is their name, what is their personality like, how old are they, how did they become a part of you family or what is their goofiest moment? Just be sure to say “January Pet of the Month” in the subject line so we know!


2.  Post a photograph of your pet on our Facebook wall telling us your pet’s name, that you’re entering for January Pet of the Month and a little about your fluffy sidekick.

The deadline for entering is January 25th, 2013. Pawsh will then draw at random four furry faces/names to be the nominees and then it’s up to you to vote for your favourites and declare the winner!

So what are you waiting for? I know your computers are just like mine — bursting with photos of your pets! Send in your favourite photos for a chance to win, win, win!

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