Over the holidays Rory received a brand new toy called the Jolly Bone. It is a non-toxic scented rubber dog toy designed to be durable, bouncy and delicious for ferocious chewers. It twists, floats and is supposed to withstand heavy chewing. Unfortunately, Rory’s sharp little teeth managed to tear chunks out of it after only a day and a half of play.

However, I am still impressed with this product. Why you may ask? Simple — Jolly Pets has the following disclaimer on their packaging:

“This product is guaranteed for powerful chewers. If the Jolly Bone does not withstand your dog’s bite, send it back and we will replace it, GUARANTEED.”

Very rarely do you find a company willing to replace toys that do not live up to their marketing. I have personally tried to return toys toted as ‘indestructible’ in the past after Rory shreds them in under half an hour, only to be told that there is no way a store/company can guarantee the longevity of their product. So to find a company publicly declaring replacements is a wonderful treat!

Although this toy was not a great fit for Miss Rory, I have no doubt that it would suit dogs who like to chew in a more gentle manner. I’ll be sending my Jolly Bone back for a replacement, which I will then donate to a senior dog shelter for dogs who like to chew with a little less tenacity than my poodle mix.

PAWSH PERKS: Two great thinking toys for dogs!