cone-of-shame-dog-leggingsH-Leggings are a patent-pending product designed to banish dogs from the dreaded cone of shame, while still preventing unwanted licking and scratching. H-Leggings are described as ‘a pair of interconnected breathable, reusable and flexible leggings the canine wears as a barrier over a veterinary approved wound dressing, cast or irritation of the forelegs.’

These leggings don’t restrict a dog’s movement or daily activity and are toted as a great alternative to e-collars or anti-licking strips. I for one remember all too well the whole month that Rory had to wear a cone after being spayed. The poor little thing kept barreling into things and inadvertently cutting the backs of my ankles. These leggings might have been able to prevent all of that, so I will be intrigued to try these out when they become available.