We’re just dying over these gorgeous pet portraits created by Jo Chambers of Studio-Legohead. Completely unique in their fine art composition and quirky yet stylish fashions, these vintage-inspired drawings are instant artistic treasures!

Each portrait is made using fine liners and a wide range of graphic markers that are pantone colour coordinated — but to the human eye they look like magnificent water-colour paintings, suitable for adorning any wall space!

Chambers, an art and design connoisseur, says she doesn’t really know where the idea to draw dogs in hats came from, but that once she started she just couldn’t stop!

“Originally it was the character of the canines I was drawing that kept me going,” reveals Chambers, who also illustrates felines, horses and even birds on a regular basis. “I like their characters and the variety of breeds, shapes and sizes. People are so passionate about their beloved animals, it makes what I do a real pleasure. Getting to know owners and their pets adds a very personal and precious element to my work.”

Inspired by anything vintage and beautiful, from a broken ornament to the work of other artists, this British visual storyteller from Bath brilliantly infuses her work with a sense of wit and whimsy. “I never want my work to become too serious,” she confesses, an obvious believer in the light-hearted example set by pets everywhere. “I spent a lot of time aiming to be a ‘artist’ and now I am finally doing something that I love.”

Chambers also accepts commissions for paintings and embroidery (which she calls “drawing with a stitch”) among other creative outlets, but it is the dogs that have truly captured her artistic spirit. That is why it is surprising to learn that Chambers is pet-less!

“I would love to have a pug in my life at a later date,” she reveals. “I love the grumpiness of their faces and especially love when they resemble old women. One day I’ll be able to share my living space with such joy.”

Until that day, Chambers has her gorgeous art as a way to get her much-needed canine fix and we simply cannot get enough of her! Stay tuned ladies and gentlemen, you may soon see Miss Rory decked out in pretty Parisian garb!