Good morning everyone! We’re about to take a few days off to spend time with family and friends, steal mad cuddles with Rory and her furry pals, sip eggnog and of course feast as though it were going out of style!

We would like to wish each and every one of you incredible joy, warmth and beauty this holiday season and hope that you have some time to frolic outside with Jack Frost nipping at your nose, sink into comfortable living rooms with delicious cups of steaming cocoa and share your homes with loved ones without whom life would not be worth living.

Before Rory and I finish packing our suitcases and wrapping gifts however we’d like to draw your attention to Rory’s snazzy winter jacket. Isn’t it festively darling? It is called The Wilderness Jacket and was sent to us by a new company, Canada Pooch. Weeks ago, from the moment I unwrapped this garment from its crinkly paper and saw the vibrant burst of red peak through the packaging, I knew it had to be part of our 2011 holiday card!


This jacket is beautifully stitched, lined with fleece and a faux-down filling and offers an easy-to-use velcro fastener to keep pups snug! It also offers a cute little pocket on the back, ideal for carrying bags or treats and is waterproof! I especially love how this jacket sweetly mimics the winter jackets that so many Canadians bundle up in every winter. It even has a maple leaf stitched on the sleeve!

With -40 degree weather quickly approaching (brrrr! brrrr! brrrr!) the Wilderness Jacket is a welcome addition to Rory’s practical winter attire, especially as she will be adventuring out on lots of winter trails this year and require something a little heavier to keep warm! Thank you Canada Pooch for thinking of us and keep up the great designing!

Alright, that’s all from us until a little later next week. We’ll be back with a little something to celebrate New Year’s! Until then be safe, have fun and make this Christmas the best one ever!