All photos by Robert Clark
I was absolutely thrilled when I picked up a copy of February 2012’s National Geographic, a publication that has had a special place in my heart since I was a little girl eagerly discovering the natural world and its many wonders. My reason for elation? Not only was there was an adorable dog gracing the cover and a fascinating article about canine DNA inside (which I highly recommend reading!) but I was introduced to the poetic work of Robert Clark.

A freelance photographer based in New York City, Clark works for a variety of big name publications and institutions, even capturing some of the historic images that chronicle the 9/11 World Trade Center attack. His innovative eye, however, stands out beautifully within his canine portraiture. He somehow manages to capture real ‘doggy’ moments in a high-fashion light and the results are truly stunning.

Dear Mr. Clark — could you please come visit Ottawa and take Rory’s photograph for me? It would make my year! If you’re feeling in an artsy mood be sure to check out this historically styled pet photographer and these moving street pet photographs. And for an additional dose of cuteness why not check this out too!