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Happy Take Your Dog to Work Day! To celebrate the occasion here’s a roundup of some very dog friendly offices. Whether you work from home at a quaint shabby chic desk, in a kitchen creating scrumptious new recipes and feeding the masses, in a large industrial space that houses lofty ambitions, or from the quiet seclusion of a cottage porch, dogs are always the greatest coworkers.

A recent article published by the Huffington Post explores the idea that dogs in the workplace are a natural stress reliever. Of course, I completely agree. I for one am always incredibly thankful for those days when I can work from home, writing articles, editing photos, finalizing layouts or consulting with Rory curled up close by. If things get stressful, a few cuddles with her soon sets everything right again.

Does your dog ever go to work with you? Do you work from home? Do you wish your office was canine friendly? Let’s pretend we’re hanging out by the water cooler and chit-chat about this stuff today!