Browsing through the Berlin-based pet brand Cloud 7‘s new catalog feels like floating — quite possibly on a pristine fluffy cloud of your own. The brand offers stunning lines, creative design, high-quality and beautiful marketing materials — all things that make something very ‘pawsh’ indeed!

Founded by husband and wife team Todd and Petra Schulz, Cloud 7 is distributed all over the world in over 30 different countries; although sadly, not yet in Canada. Petra used to work in fashion, designing for major brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and Liz Claiborne. However, when the time came to start thinking about starting her own business she took her career in an entirely new direction and turned her once imaginary fashion brand into a dog-inspired reality.

Todd, a former creative director of MC Saatchi, soon jumped on board to help communicate Cloud 7’s message to the world in a different way. They joined forces with the immensely talented German editorial photographer, Janne Peters, in an effort to present their products in an authentic yet stylish manner. The result is a stunning work of art that features everyday people plucked from the streets at random and the many diverse ways in which they live with their dogs. Keep reading for more great photos!

“Whenever we walked our dog or went out to restaurants, we were spotting people who we found interesting in combination with their pet,” says Todd. “We simply asked them if they’d be ok to be photographed and published in our bi-annual catalog. Their fee was a product from Cloud 7 of their choice.”

The result is a stunning and heart-warming collection of contemporary pet (and person) portraiture bathed in soothing natural light. It’s little wonder that the Cloud 7 catalog has sky-rocketed in popularity and that people are now requesting to participate!

I am over the moon about this creative, thoughtful and artistic approach to life with pets and cannot wait for Cloud 7 to drift across the ocean and land in Canada. You can bet your best biscuits I’ll be one of the first to check it all out. Well done Cloud 7 and thank you so much for your beautiful work!