One of my favourite things to do of all time is throw on some music and dance like a lunatic around my apartment. It sounds hilarious (and I’m sure it also looks hilarious…should I ever have any spectators) but it is truly one of the most liberating feelings I have ever experienced and Rory definitely likes to join in the fun!

At first she will look at me with what I can only assume is confusion (or complete horror; “Stop it! You’re embarrassing me Mum!”) But after a moment or two she too is bouncing around excitedly and having a grand old time. I like to think that our spontaneous dancing sessions are good exercise for both of us, as well as an excellent way to bond and enjoy a different sort of game.

These stunning photographs from The Ballerina Project have completely inspired me to get back into a formal dance class so that Rory and I can polish our moves to ‘prima-ballerina’ style. Do you ever dance with your dog?