Photos by Stephanie Graf-Vocat

There are some furry faces that you meet on the street that just scream, “Take my adorable, too-cute-to-be-true photograph, please!” This beautiful chihuahua is a rescued dog, now living happily with his new found family and all too happy to pose for the camera. This series is brought to you by Stephanie Graf-Vocat!  Oh, and you might have noticed, the name of this column has changed from ‘Pet Street Photography‘ to ‘Pawsh Pictures‘ — far more fitting, don’t you think? Keep reading for even more photos!

“Why just look at that handsome devil!”
“Time to get my swag on and go on the razzle!”
“A close up? Alright, if you must. But be warned I can only promise a silly expression!”
Craving even more adorable photos? How about a round of rambunctious play or some flower power antics for additional smiles this morning!

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