The other evening I tweeted this picture announcing that I was off to yoga with my pup in tow and a lot of you asked me where exactly I was going that allowed pets in the studio. The answer is…

…I was not attending an actual studio, but instead a friend’s place. She has a lovely large dining room/living room which when you push the furniture to the sides creates a lovely space for finding your zen. We all decided to bring our pups along for the fun. Even if they weren’t into the actual art of Doga (yoga for dogs, read all about it here), they could at least have a playdate at the same time.

I would highly recommend that you too begin dog-friendly yoga nights with your friends and their canine counterparts. It was an absolute blast and towards the end of our session all of our pups had come to take a snooze or a cuddle on our mats. The best perk of this arrangement, besides spending time with your dogs, is that it costs nothing — perfect if you’re like me and have a budget to stick to.

Don’t feel comfortable without an instructor present? Simply pick up or download a yoga video (there are tons available these days) and follow along! It’s like you’re actually in class…expect of course, there is more fur present.

Anyway, just an idea for you all to try this weekend or whenever you have time. I for one cherish that hour or two to unwind, focus on myself and spend time with my best gals (Rory included!) each week.

Oh! Also, if you do try this, please, please, please tweet me your photos of pups on yoga mats!